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Flies heading to the tropical north


I'm partaking in a fly swap with some guys from another forum tying flies for Jungle Perch and Sooties in the Townsville/Mackay/Gladstone regions and this is what I have come up with. The loose plan was for 6 members to tie up two patterns each preferably one surface and the other a sub surface fly. I've tied a different Cicada pattern this time making use of some pre formed wings a Tiewell product. The other fly is a more sparse version of my Six Mile Special a proven bass catcher but a bit lighter in colouration. I'm sure some of the bugs the other guys will be tying will tempt bass down here in the right conditions but anyway it has been fun so look forward to what arrives in the mail in the future. The other guys are tying hoppers,epoxy shrimps,oversized trout flies,small baitfish patterns so should be interesting. Cheers Pat.

Love those wings on the Cicadas.  Where would you use those ?
I am guessing, on small streams for Bass just on sundown, summertime ?



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