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Mini Spinnerbaits

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I have been working on a very small Spinnerbait design for a couple of weeks.  Light enough to use on the fly rod with the idea of chasing Bass in the shallows.

Has anybody had success with a design of these ?

I have got it down to 4.5 grams, casts, but not teriffic.  Yesterday I had a trip up past Linville to give it a run as there is no clear water near me.

The only fish caught was a fork tail catfish. I had forgotten they take lures.

Better than none of course.


I've done well using Spinster flies for bass & saratoga. Will look in the fly box to see if I've got any there still for a picture. I got Shaun Ash to tie them for me years ago on worm hooks.

Storm used to do a little spinner bait called a rocket I think, deadly on bream. Heavier than 4 grams though I'd reckon, about 3cm long by high I'd reckon. Still got a couple in the shed somewhere.

Get some strange looks when I tell people my PB bream was on a spinnerbait!

These are still being tested at the moment. Trying to get more movement from the blades.

If some one can give me a brief outline of how to load photos on a blog I will show some shots of the components that were used to make one.

In the meantime I will keep testing.


G'Day BG I've been fiddling around with the same idea over the last couple of weeks and have tied and tested out two different styles of "spinster" Vampires. Getting the weight right to have the fly swimming "upright" seems to be more of and issue than keeping the weight down as that is relatively easy. I first tied one up with a short arm (like a conventional SB) angled up over the top of the hook point made out of doubled 40 lb single strand SS game wire. This was thread wrapped to the underside of the hook shank,up through the eye then angled back over the point. It ended up constricting the hook eye size too much so I put a small split ring through the eye and secured it with thread and superglue. The small colorado blade was fixed via a ball bearing swivel and small split ring. The blade revolves nicely on the drop and retreive. Only problem is it sinks blade arm first so the fly swims upside down. Tied under the shank should fix this but I was hoping for the arm to act as a weed guard of sorts too. I was able to cast this off my #4 weight last Monday on the water from my yak with a little difficulty but off an #8 weight there should be no problems. Most of my bass fishing is very close quarters so long casts are generally not required. I tied up the 2nd one to fix the problem of it swimming up the wrong way and tested this yesterday but appears to be a failure. The blade refused to spin on the drop and not very easily on the retrieve so I think a small arm e.g. 20-25 mm is needed to get a good flow around the blade for its best action. More research required. Cheers Pat.


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