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Bill's Lures


Bill's Lures. Not sure on details of owner or current production.

Below are the:

 Bill's Bug

Bill's Mouse

G'day Fitz.

Rob Meade, who owned Timber Lake before Mike Wallis gave me a Bill's crawler. I bet if you emailed Mike he'd know a bit of history about this lure. if not, he'll have Rob Meade's contact details. (see in the guide section under "Otways hinterland")

Cheers, NS

PS: It will be with me this weekend.

Brad H:
Bills Bugs are still in production, made by Bill Clark in Yamba. Now made in solid injected poly foam except for a few of his big Jew lures he makes in timber.
His small paddlers and fizzers are the bomb for the northern NSW bass guys
Cheers Brad


A truly unfortunate finish on my flutterbug


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