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Some wivenhoe knowledge

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Yes I am a newbie. I launch into wivenhoe from hamon cove and fish in the mapped bass fishing spots. Never had any luck. What rig setup and/or bait should I be using. Looking forward to some experienced advice.

worms would be good bait however live prawns will be your best bet.  A Pasternoir rig works well in dams. 

For fish location try the looking for warmer water, birds feeding on the water and the wind direction. You mite find the wind will blow bait/food to the shore where fish will wait.  IF thats fails, casting to the shore.

Good luck

Regards Brad.

I think bjm may have meant live Shrimp.  I'm not sure how long live Prawns will last in fresh water.  White Spinnerbaits, slow trolled will account for fish there.  Try some of the better quality deep diving lures at your local tackle shop too.


Yes i meant live shrimp, silly me.

Thanks guys


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