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Know your knots


Thought I’d share a few basic knots, these aren’t necessarily the “best” knots, but what makes a good knot? For me a good knot is simple, quick to tie, small, has a high breaking strength and can be tied in the dark, in a rocking boat with a 20 knots South Easter up you’re a#se.

As I mainly chase barra using 20-30 lb braid and 40-80lb leader, my main knots are the Albright (modified), Centauri and the Perfection Loop. I know plenty of people will use a Slim Beauty in lieu of an Albright, but I find the Slim Beauty too big when using heavy leaders as it doesn’t cast well through the rod guides.  Yet when using light leaders 4-10lb the Slim Beauty is the way to go, so it’s horses for courses.

The rated knot strength listed below have been obtained from various websites, I haven’t done any testing to verify these figures.  However, 8 years of real world barra fishing is good enough for me.

(Modified) Albright Knot
Mono/Leaders to Braid

The Albright knot is great for joining braid to leaders, it is small and less likely to catch on the rod guides when casting. Rated at 95 to 100% of line strength

Double the last few centimetres of the leader (black cord) and thread the braid (white cord) through, then around the loop.

Make five wraps down the leader loop with the braid.

Then commence five wraps in the other direction, ensuring the braid is evenly spaced over the first wraps.

Thread the braid tag back through the loop in the opposite direction alongside the main line.

Partially close the knot first with gentle pressure on the main line and tag of both leader and braid. When the knot begins to tighten, slide the braid up with your fingernail, then tighten the knot with firm pressure on braid against the leader.

Once the knot is tight, trim the tags. Cut the leader (black cord) as close as possible to the knot, no protrusion to catch on guides, leave a small tag on the braid.

Centauri Knot
Mono to Terminal Tackle

This is the first knot the father-in-law taught me and is my principal go to knot for attaching mono to hooks or fixing the leader tight on soft plastic hooks. Works well on a wide range of line strengths and claims to retain 96% of breaking strain.

Thread the eye of the hook with the tag and make a loop as shown, first passing the tag behind the main line.  The loop is held between the thumb and finger.

Repeated to create a second loop and hold between the thumb and finger.

Again, passed the tag behind the main line to create a third loop.

Now tuck the tag through the centre of the three loops and form the knot by pulling gently on the tag against the hook.

Having formed the knot, the loop will have enlarged. Simply slide the knot down the leader onto the eye of the hook.

The finished knot should lock down onto the eye of the hook with the tag pointing back up the leader.  I use this on soft plastic when I want to control the angle of the lure, ie head up.

Perfection Loop
Mono to Lures

Use the Perfection Loop to create a loop connection to allow a lure to maintain full action. Perfection Loop is rated at near 100% of line strength.

Tie a loose underhand knot in the leader and pass the tag of the leader through the eye of the lure.

Thread the tag back through the knot.

Bend the tag back over the main line and up through the crossover of the underhand knot.

Then up through the gap between where the tag was passed through the knot.

Close the knot with pressure on the loop against the main line and trim the tag.

I agree with you Earl, the Albright is a far superior knot when it's tied correctly, that the Slim Beauty. I've tried both repeatedly and keep going back to the Albright for heavier leaders/ lines. However I find the back to back Uni is quicker and easier to tie in the baot than the Slim Beauty of lighter lines.


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