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Blown 3lt Diesal

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A Marshall:
Another Nissan 3lt turbo sob story. I was heading up the coast yesterday morning, just heading down the merging lane onto the freeway when I heard a pop in the engine & then no power. Lots of smoke & a bit of clattering in the motor, next thing the motor started over revving by itself. I switched it off & coasted to a stop. RACQ was there within half an hour & towed me too a mechanic in Bald Hills. Mechanic has said motor is most likely stuffed & I am up for Min $6500 for a replacement second hand engine or min $10000 for a recon engine with warranty. What do I do? Has anyone had any experiance with this>

Cheers Andrew

Bad luck Andrew.

I'm guessing you have a 2001-2003 Nissan Patrol. My parents own one with the 3.0L Turbo Diesel and it has been nothing but trouble. Do not rebuild that motor or put one in of the same vintage. Try and source a later model motor and sell the vehicle.

Again I am sorry to hear you have 'that' problem. Good luck.


Solution / Buy anything but a 3ltr Nissan, 4.2's are great.

Sorry to hear tho when a ve hicle does something like that it always feels like a kick in the guts


Have you checked your oil?
Sounds similar to when our injectors were leaking into the crankcase.
Did it turn off when you turned the key off?

A Marshall:
Yes, turned off fine, & oil looked good, Think I will get it towed back home so my mechanic can look at it.

Cheers Andrew


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