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Fly fishing fun

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Had a few hrs to kill waiting for a landowner to get home so had a fish in a dam and camp up with 2 Leo's 1 bass and 2 yella's,
Not huge but should have been 4 yella's but apparrently when they hit a fly they snap 8lb tippet like cotton.

Best fun i have had in ages



That's very cool mate  :youbeauty

Intersting looking fly there, guess it's a sinker with the dumbell eyes. How'd you fish it?

My favorite fly I was counting to 4 then short jabs with the odd longer strip, they hit pretty hard and even had a hit on that popper you showed me :youbeauty

That fly is just something i made with small dumbell eyes for a more in their face approach and always outfishes any flys i have in my box so usually carry 5 or 6


--- Quote from: bushwacker on October 15, 2012, 10:20:39 PM ---

Best fun i have had in ages



--- End quote ---

Has it been ages since we took you cod fishing?

Only a month and a half until the closed season lifts mate.


great now you have got the green flowing again.....

Somehow i think i will have more chances than you this year mate  :P

Im keen


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