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Jonesys Lures


Tried some of these at Hinze Dam just before Xmas with great results...does anyone know where you can buy them...really great deep trolling lures...Thanks :


PM Nativeman

has his personal details

Sorry can you explain P M Nativeman.........sorry


--- Quote from: blackeaglebarry on January 03, 2013, 02:13:55 PM ---Sorry can you explain P M Nativeman.........sorry

--- End quote ---

He meant, send a Private Message to the member Nativeman 

Look here, for some of Rods lure Colours, his email contact is on this page if you look carefully,

Rod lives in Golden Crescent at Southport, you can often drop in and pick up ready made lures from his racks. If you live on the Gold Coast his details are in the whitepages, look for Rod Jones.



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