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Keep your bonefish

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Carp are more than enough for me for now. Sight cast and landed 2 from 3 casts yesterday on a surface hopper pattern with WayneD while looking for a bit of bass water. Must have gone at least 55cm each and fat as fools.

Incredible fight on a 6 weight they just never give up. Will post some photos when Wayne gets his finger out  :))

Oh yeah he got 2 bass on a whirlygig aswell

Here's some pics of the carp and one we took just for Dave. Little fella made Steve take a step backwards.

carp are great on fly gear. A few years back, we found a backwater on the Murray River full of them. We spent hours sight casting to them using 4 wt tackle and had a ball.

Good one Steve
you have to show me how it's done at the carp busting.

Will do vince  :thanks


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