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Barra,Bass & Bream Chicks are in print!

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estuary girl:
Early february I was asked to pen some words and pop through some pictures for a bass roundup for the next NAFA's Barra,Bass & Bream.The Female Barra,Bass & Bream Chicks Facebook page encompasses the growing army of women who have a passion for fishing.With my Noosa everglades trip still fresh in my memory bank I thought it was perfect to share it.
Hope you enjoy the read!

Very cool!

That's a lot more relevant than most of the other "chicks" from NAFA. Nice to see ladies who actually know how to fish.

A Marshall:
Well done Toni, got my copy of the mag last weekend, hope to see some more of your articles in the future.

Cheers Andrew

Didn't realise you were so talented , writing articles , organising club outings , and a very knowlegable fisherwoman as well   :youbeauty :thanks :thumbsup


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