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Sooty on fly


Dick Pasfield:
Not many reports due to the rain so thought I'd post this.

Got this one fish on the weekend, still a bit early for sootys to turn it on consistantly but persisted with the fly over a lure to be rewarded with this nice fish.  Nothing special about the fish but managed to place the fly right on the spot, the little gap seen in the picture. Got belted right away and made the jaunt well worth the while :)

Nice casting Dick. And you were rewarded with a good fish.

It's amazing how any you still see that are too afraid to get a lure or fly into the best position, prefering to "play it safe" often skunking or not catching many.

Just got to love Sooties.... little black tanks Harro calls them. I recon they pound for pound one of our best fighters.



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