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Unbelievable bass boofing action


I watched a Youtube video last night of some amazing Yank Largemouth Bass surface boofing in a lake where they were feeding on Shad baitfish. The action looks more like Tuna busting up in the shallows with the guy getting some great takes on a surface popper. Only downer is the usual Yank competitor mentality ripping the fish out of the water holding them up by their lips unsupported. I am PC challenged and have no idea how to add the link so if someone who does can do it that would be great. Search for "Unbelievable Top Water Action !!! Bass Fishing with poppers at Dreamstrike Lake". With a name like Dreamstrike it obviously is a stocked lake. Cheers Pat.


All you need to do is copy the whole url (web address) of the youtube video eg
http ://www
then paste it into the topic here. The software will do the rest you you.

(I put some spaces into the address above stop the software embedding the video)

Cheers thanks Fitz.

That's a bit different...

Did he set the hook on the second one or what ?


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