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Update on Lake Kurwongbah

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From SEQWater:

--- Quote ---Paddlers to enjoy Lake Kurwongbah
Following community feedback to our review of recreation at Lakes Samsonvale and Kurwongbah, Lake Kurwongbah will be opened to paddling from Monday 8 September 2014.
Over the coming months, a paddle craft wash down facility and launch point will be established at Mick Hanfling Park. The wash down facility will help prevent the spread of Cabomba, an aquatic weed present in the lake.
Water skiing will cease to be a permitted recreational activity on Monday 8 September 2014.
--- End quote ---

So I need a SIP to fish there? all is it part of that double dip system where I need another permit as well?

Kurwongbah is a freebie Sel.

I reckon Lake Kurwongbah (Sideling Creek Dam) will be one of several stocked impoundments added to the SIP scheme when the next round of additions is done.....

Field of dreams completed....  :tick
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A bit of a backdown now I think.  Kayaking only from Friday to Monday, water skiing from Tuesday to Thursday until further notice.


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