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Lake Somerset access point


Works have commenced on the new access point at Lake Somerset, with an anticipated completion date of early September. Located off Westvale Road, in the northern section of Lake Somerset, the new access point will include a boat ramp, trailer and vehicle car parks and a toilet. The Westvale Road access point will be suitable for boats and paddle craft, providing users with an additional launch point to access the lake. This will assist in easing congestion at the boat ramps at Kirkleagh Road and The Spit. The new access point is located in the 6 knot speed limit zone, so will be an ideal launch point for those keen for a fish or a paddle!

Looks good as in 6 k zone. Looks like via Nereum rd does anyone know where it is in relation to Kilcoy Fishing club ramp as I cannot remember what road it is on?

Found map.

It's off Westvale Road.

There has always been a road reserve from Westvale Rd going to the river bed & were always within your rights to drive on it anyway. Not the only road reserve that backs onto Somerset either!!! Now who wants to talk about gazetted roads that go right into Wivenhoe that have illegal fences or gates across them?


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