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Xmas natives seq


Hey guys I a bit lost I'm trying to find new spots for bass n cod in my mantra yak on my holiday break, I'm getting bored with cooby and cressy. I live in teebar I've tried bowenville but it's really tuff n hard going to get a bite and fish are few and far between! Only ever pulled a 2cm silver perch and a 20cm golden :-( and it's nothing to brag about same for condie at Warwick and myall creek at dalby :-( was thinking stanley facing dam wall at Somerset, severn or yarramalong even Cecil, but I could be stuffed wasting money on fuel unless can find a spot crawling with fish. I've find it daunting does anyone have ref points on google maps to find decent stretches to fish or places camp sites where I can launch my yak? As I'm very foreign to some of these new places? Got new cod and bass gear awaiting to be put to work ;-)

Spots teeming with fish? They just don't happen, well not for long if you just blurt it out for the whole world to know about it. How about something easier like next weeks lotto numbers?

I would suggest you commit to burning fuel like the rest of us and go find out for yourself. Even the best locations have varied results from day to day. Some days are diamonds, some days are stone....

There's literally hundreds of locations listed on Sweetwater and alot of maps. Search thru them all and go exploring.

There's fish in every dam, river and creek, you just need to work out how to catch them.

I was out the Darling Downs last week and dropped in a several spots along the Condamine and Balonne rivers and my way past for a looksie. most looked pretty fishy but had no time for fishing unfortunately. Attached picture is one spot on the Condamine River.
There's bass to be caught every day of the week in the Brisbane River, no secret there. Again look around here and you will find a map showing access points.

Good luck....  :youbeauty
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Hey sw where did you take that pic I know it's crawling with cod my mate fishes it is that Cecil plains or yarramalong?


--- Quote from: Mantrak on December 17, 2014, 04:16:26 PM ---Hey sw where did you take that pic I know it's crawling with cod my mate fishes it is that Cecil plains or yarramalong?

--- End quote ---

That spot sweetwater has shown is not near cecil or yarramalong. Pretty sure Jake dosen't even know about that spot. lol

Like sweetwater said. Spend the time driving, researching and google mapping to find spots like the rest of us. Always pays off in the end :) Condamine is a awsome river to fish if you can find the decently hard to access spots. Not alot of people go out of their way to get to spots that are hard to access. ie (portaging, steep banks, dirt tracks)

Half the fun of fishing is exploring and finding a spot and it pays off.

Happy exploring

 :walkplank thanks!


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