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FG Knot video


FG Knot video

Another demo on how to tie the FG Knot. Who has tried it yet?

I used it on our trip to Christmas Island a couple of weeks ago.  There is no easy way to tie it.  I had a couple of failures using it to connect 80lb braid to 100lb flouro.  I think it may be important to melt the end of the flouro to make a bit of a knob on the end.  (yeah I know!)  For most of my fishing up to 80lb leader on baitcasters I'll continue with the slim beauty.  Casting massive poppers to GT's I'll try to perfect my FG knot with 40 to 80 turns.


This is the easiest way I have found to tie it, took afew goes to get it right but I remember thinking the slim beauty was hard to tie! Just like any new knot there is many different ways to do it some easier than others, I have two left hands and manages to get this one pretty good  :youbeauty


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