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Old Town Next Canoe

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Ok she up for sale due to a change of direction  so no longer needed, about six months old, the first to hit Australian waters used around six times so as new

 They retail for $1599 .00 but ill let it go for $1150.00 throw in a good paddle

  Length  3.96m
  Width    0.74m
  Capacity  204  kg
 Material 3 Layer Poly

 send me a PM if interested

 will leave it here for a week then put her on the tree

Hey still got the next forsale ?

If you send him a PM he'll get an email alerting him.

Cheers 👍🏼


--- Quote from: Jameso on May 08, 2015, 02:17:58 PM ---Hey still got the next forsale ?

--- End quote ---

 Hi James I sent you a PM mate


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