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Work underway at Lake Wivenhoe recreation site


Work underway at Lake Wivenhoe recreation site 
 Date: 26/08/2016   - Seqwater

Work is underway to revitalise a picturesque recreation area at Lake Wivenhoe.

We’re restoring Billies Bay and Hays Landing, with the project expected to be complete ahead of the 2016-17 summer.

The Seqwater project includes upgrades to the existing facilities so we can reopen the parkland to the public.

Construction got underway after the recent completion of a new timber bridge that provides access to the area.

Somerset Regional Council partnered with the Queensland Government to build the new bridge.

Billies Bay and Hays Landing will remain closed to the public until work is complete.
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Can sailing club members still access

The Sailing Club are still sailing out of Logans so it seems they do not have access.  You can check their public page.

I went and had a captain cook this afternoon. The gate is locked with signage proclaiming the area is a construction site and no pedestrian access either.

The new single lane bridge is smooth as.  :youbeauty

Awesome news! Can't wait. Finally, we will have much easier access to some great water.

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