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Lake Borumba - Water levels and water craft access


Lake Borumba - Water levels and boating access 

Date: 16/01/2017   - Seqwater

Due to lower water levels, the boat ramp at Lake Borumba (Borumba Dam) was closed in November 2016 and a temporary ramp was installed for visitors.

The temporary ramp is accessible by 4WD vehicles only.

If the water level continues to drop, we will be required to close the temporary boat ramp.

Boat ramps at a number of our lakes are currently closed due to low water levels including Lake Baroon (northern only), Lake Atkinson and Lake Dyer.

Stage one of the boat ramp upgrade was completed in August 2016, with stage two due for delivery early-2017. Upgrading the existing boat ramp was the safest and most cost efficient solution for improving accessibility to the lake. It has been designed to meet Australian safety standards, however it becomes unsafe to use when water levels are much lower than usual at the lake.

We will continue to monitor water levels at Lake Borumba this week and provide further updates.

Image shows launching ramp when completed

Image: Sweetwater Gallery


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