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Yesterday's weather event.

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This announcement was made at 7.30pm last night, I first saw it at 7.44.

Seeing as how I live smack bang in the middle of the path of that I was somewhat concerned, so I immediately went to the Marburg BOM Radar site and saw this;

I couldn't help wondering why the two images looked different, and why the "dangerous" storm wasn't appearing on the normal radar.  The rain stopped in Fernvale at about 10.30pm and we had around 150mm.  The wind started at 3.00am, but reached about 30 knots.

Looking at that second screen shot, I'm pretty glad I didn't have any suspect websites open in my browser too.....

Yeah, I have noticed that  a bit too on occasions.

Its a difficult gig though, they have cried wolf on too many occasions  as well.

The contribitors over on the weatherzone forum got it right though. They pretty much called it correctly before tc deb even formed.

No-one predicted the biblical flood on the logan and albert though.

Locally, this minor flood on the Lockyer is welcome. She hasn't flowed for a few years now and it will be great to flush out all that water lettuce.

Good bit of rain , here is before and after picture of my friends farm.
Cheers joseph

There is an hour difference in the screen shots wonder if the bom storm warning was changed in the interval.If so pretty irresponsible of local radio not updating regularly.
Would appear that the storm changed direction. I find the live radar quite often different to what the weather warnings predict but still better off than no warnings at all.
You can usually get an idea on which way a storm is moving by looking at the loops.


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