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Does anyone who has fished in the Wyralong Dam near Beaudesert know if there are any redclaw or blueclaw in that dam or lake?


Lots of redclaw, not real big yet.

Hello Beneel,
Thanks for your reply. How big are they at the moment?

Wyralong dam / lake is a big area from what I seen on google map.

Does one need a boat or can they be caught from the shoreline so to speak?

Big enough for a feed but not monsters like more established dams yet, more little ones than big as well. Both Boat/kayak and bank. Try the rock walls over the crossings heading into the wall area.

G'day Beneel,

Much appreciate the information. I'll have to go there for a drive again, it's been quite awhile since I've been there last. I assume the rockwall is past the visitors information area.


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