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Big Bass

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Hey guys, novice bass fishermen here just want to start a topic about big bass. Pretty much here to find out what's the biggest Australian bass caught and if it's rare to catch bass of 60cm or more. Does anyone have any photos of 60cm+ bass?
I myself have only ever been bass fishing a handful of times as I prefer saltwater fishing/spearing but on those few times I did I was catching bass all the way up to 64cm (mainly 40-55s) and quite consistently too. I'll have to get the photos off my old phone and upload.

Please feel free to post all of your big bass photos, I'd love to see them   :youbeauty

When it comes to fishing the goods  :X marks the spot!

I have never, ever seen a genuine photo of a 60cm Bass on a measuring mat.  I've seen a few people try to manipulate mats so that the fish looks to be 60cm.  I've also seen people claim to have caught a 60, but didn't have a mat, or a camera handy.  Barry Oxford has caught more Bass than just about any person alive, and he too has never seen a 60cm specimen.  They're called Unicorns for a very good reason.

I'll have to get the photos off my old simcard and upload them! All photos were taken on a bragmat too  :thumbsup

Chep Buxley:
Can't wait to see the photos. Every bass fisherman in Australia would like to see a 60cm bass measured.

I'd be interested to hear what people think about which impoundment holds the biggest bass.
Around a decade ago I was haunting the North Pine Dam area and over a period of 2 or so years caught up to a dozen "mid fifties' bass. Fishing was great back then when the dam was down to about 30% capacity.
My largest was 55cm, would also love to see a picture of a genuine 60+ cm bass.


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