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Title: Lake Samsonvale Opens New Areas ot Paddle Craft
Post by: Editor on November 20, 2018, 03:09:40 PM
Lake Samsonvale Set To Have New Paddle Craft Area

From SEQWater ...
We are pleased to announce the completion of the Forgan Cove launch point for use by paddle craft. As a result, public paddling will be permitted on the lake in the designated zone from Wednesday 21 November 2018.
The recreation upgrade includes a new launch point for paddle craft, a 15-bay carpark, toilet facilities and a paddle craft wash down area.

From Wednesday 21 November, paddle craft (such as canoes and kayaks) will be permitted on the lake seven days a week in the designated zone. For your safety and the safety of others, you must stay within the designated zone. Download the Lake Samsonvale Recreation Guide (http://d1ggft7m82h57a.cloudfront.net/s3fs-public/PDF%20Documents/Recreation/Tear%20off%20map%20-%20SAMSONVALE%20-%20FINAL.pdf) for details and a map of the zoning.

Paddle craft must only be launched from the designated launch point at Forgan Cove. Stopping or mooring on any land around the lake, other than the Forgan Cove recreation area, is prohibited.

Paddle craft with electric or fuel powered motors are not permitted.

Download our FAQs (http://d1ggft7m82h57a.cloudfront.net/s3fs-public/PDF%20Documents/Recreation/FINAL%20FAQ%20paddle%20craft%20on%20Lake%20Samsonvale.pdfl) for further information including opening hours, types of paddle craft permitted and zoning information!

Boating access to Lake Samsonvale for electric-powered boating and sailing is available to club members only. Visit our website for further information. Fuel-powered boating, skiing, tubing and jet skiing are not permitted on Lake Samsonvale.

Fishing shore line fishing is permitted along the shore of designated recreation areas around Lake Samsonvale, including the Forgan Cove recreation area. Fishing from paddle craft is permitted in the designated paddle craft zone. A fishing permit is required at Lake Samsonvale. The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) controls the fishing rules and regulations in Queensland and administers the Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme (SIPS). Visit the DAF website for further information and to purchase your SIPS permit (https://smarteform.auspost.com.au/aponlineforms/servlet/SmartForm.html?formCode=DAFSIP)

Swimming swimming is not permitted at Lake Samsonvale at any time.

Domestic animals dogs and other domestic animals are prohibited at Lake Samsonvale (horses are permitted on the Postmans Track Trails only).
Dont forget to check our Recreation and Safety Notices before planning your trip to Lake Samsonvale. Happy paddling!