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Mosquito Repellant

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Heard a new one for keeping mosquitos away from you tent, outdoor area or yourself. Usinng a spray bottle, put some Listerine mouthwash around onto the surfaces in the area. It dries but keeps a smell that apparently mossies don't like.

When I lived / worked out on cattle stations, we used to get cow pats, put them into a 20 litre drum & light them so they'd just smolder away. The smell of the smoke was not the best but it kept the mossies out of camp. Sometimes we'd put 3 drums out around the perimiter to cover wind changes.

Anyone got other mossie repellant ideas?

had one but you got that coverd already  :-\ just trialing insect repllant "OFF" while howling dingoes in thick mossie ridden lantana and scrub so far .... the results arent terribly great  :thumbdown

Plenty of home brew recipe's around involving dettol, lot of people swear by it. Me - if it doesn't say at least 20% DEET on the label I'm not even going to try it!

Another tip with both insect repellants and sunscreens.  Bushmans is good, but be carefull around plastics with it.  I've stuck my arm to the top of a Minn Kota by resting my arm there with Bushmans on.  Pam ripped the chrome off the nose of her reel in PNG by having Bushmans on her glove.  In my old Hornet I kept a pump bottle of sunscreen in the rear of a side pocket.  It leaked a bit, and that part of the pocket had the shiniest alluminium you've ever seen.  It lifted the paint just like paint stripper.  For effectiveness, in PNG with very few mozzies but billions of sandflies in a couple of areas, nothing I found worked.  I had sandfly bites appearing on my neck and back 3 weeks after we got home. 

the old man calls me a mozzie coil - only because they leave everyone else alone when I'm around :P

having said that, just about all repellants work for me but Rid and Bushman's are a standout.


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