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Looking to Fish Wivenhoe, Hamons Cove, North Pine Dam, Hinze Dam

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I currently don't have a boat so if ayone has a spare seat and can offer a fellow angler a trip out then let me know.

I'm have little experience in freshwater fishing except for catching gar and redclaw, redclaw has been hit and miss.

I reside in Eagleby, halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Cheers, Bondy

PM Rayke1938, he is always on the look out for deckies for his regular fishing trips to most of those dams.

Hello Binder,

Thanks for that, I'll send a PM to Rayke1938

Cheers, Bondy

He goes 3 - 4 times a week, only 2 rules, be on time and no bananas!

He is at Monduran this week, so might not get your PM for a few days.


No problem, I'm always early also carry no fruit on vessels, don't want oil to contaminate bait, fish will go nowhere near it.

Cheers, Bondy


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