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Ashford and New England Cod Trip


Gday there,

I've fished out at Ashford a couple of times in the past couple of years, and managed to get a few cod. I've realized though that the areas I can access get trampled fairly hard, and I'd love to meet some blokes who can get access to better water via a private property.
If you don't want to post names and contact publicly you can message me or find my name (Martain Vanderburg) easily on Face Book.

Just keen to fish some less-touched water in those Severn river type areas to get onto some more cod! And some beers haha. :youbeauty

Nothing like throwing hardbodies and spinnerbaits at heavily timbered water for cod  :thanks

Haven't heard from anyone, but I'm always gonna be keen!
Let me know   :youbeauty


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