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old daiwa fire wolf

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was planning on paying maroon a visit tomorrow so my dad thought hed let me use one of his old rods a daiwa fire wolf 5'6" 8-10kg rod its a small package but feels great has anyone got one or know anyone who does ?

for its weight class its a pretty fine graphite blank

should have mentioned my main rod is a boss pressicion 2-4kg spinner rig nothing flash

yeah my dad has one too funny tht

I have a 6kg jobby that has the tip broken off it and I reckon its one of the nicest rods I have ever had.I caught some good barra,jacks and all sorts of other stuff on it.It was never quite the same after the tip was gone so it got retired.
I think it was the grip configuration that I really liked about the rod the most.


I've got an old Firewolf 5"6 spin rod here somewhere. Think it was won as 1st prize at the first ever Hinze Dam comp which I fished with an old cricket / fishing buddy Git Pryde.
The tip is loose and the cork grip is a bit rotten, but it was an ok rod in its day. A bit if TLC & it will make a good kayak rod.

Pulled it out one day and ran a flyline through it when I left the long rod at home and it did an ok job at short range.




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