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"flipping" switch on a baitcaster

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My kids love using my expensive baitcasters for bait fishing for bass. They love the one handed "push button and deploy bait" simplicity of them. I dont like my $300 reels being used by 10 year olds!

So I have been picking up a few cheap baitcasters for them.

I picked up one the other day on ebay for a few bucks, notionally a "Butterworth" brand, I figured I used to like old Len's rods, so I'd take the punt for the loot! 

Nice little reel, a couple of bearings, magnetic brake, and a sliding switch.

The sliding switch intrigues me. It has "flipping" written next to it, and when you move it it seems to do weird things to the thumb bar, IE line is released when you press it down, but it wont lock down -  as soon as you let it go the spool stops!

Now for the kids and their bait fishing this makes it even simpler! They dont even have to turn the handle to engage the reel!

But I am intrigued, what is it really used for?

Brad H:
Binder, that is used for 'Flipping' soft plastic frogs and such into small pockets of cover. I love all my reels with flipper on, a quick underhand cast off the boat deck and drop the lure right up tight to cover, It is for close in work, not for long 'out of sight' casts. One advantage is stealthy casts with minimal weights for finicky fish.

Cheers Brad


Brad has it spot on!!  :youbeauty  If you google Flipping Cover in google you will see no end of video and explanation surrounding the technique.  It is especially popular in America where it's used to work tight cover with soft plastic Creature baits etc and even jigs in some instances.  Very popular and extremely effective in certain situations!


Cheers fella's.
You do realise that means more expensive reels for me dont you?  ;D

I am interested in that one fellas. What sort of weight would you be getting down to when you say small plastic frogs.

I have limits to what I can cast with my gear.  I find I have to fall back to spinning gear but don't enjoy them as much.



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