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New Daiwa T3 Baitcaster


I was fortunate enough to be able to look over the new Daiwa range at the Tackle Show earlier this week, and then again last night at a preview at Fish Head.  This new model is a very tidy little package.  More the size of the old Pixy, but with the looks of the Z2020.  Weighing in at 180g it is feather light.  It's also saltwaterproof for those so inclined.  Pricing will probably be around $450 to $475 for the T3 model and about $100 less for the T3 Ballistic.  The main difference between the two is weight.  The Ballistic comes in at about 220g.  The weight differences are in the handle, the star drag, the spool, the level wind and the main gear.
The shape of the level wind and the lifting front cover are quite innovative.  The front cover and thumb bar are one piece and you don't notice any difference to a normal reel.  They should be generally available in the next few weeks.

Oooo....spanky!! :)



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