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Another baitcaster

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I kind of snapped my baitcast rod in 2 on a recent trip, So i orderd 2 gladiators and WAS just going to keep one as a spare.....

What would anyone reccomend for another not cheap but not excy baitcast reel ?

I have the Patriarch XT but not convinced i would buy another. Someone tells me some of the shimano's have moved production and are not what they used to be. Anyone heard of the Banax Syren ?



Spare rods

right, you practicing for when you get married?

How much money have ya got to spend Steve?

Round $200 could prob stretch that out to near enough 3

hehe just like my 11 spare spin rods
Are the Curado's still made in japan ?

Give Craig or the boys a call at Charletons, you should be able to get the old model for les than that.

Sounds good cheers cracky  ;D


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