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Wivenhoe ,this Sunday 6am

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--- Quote from: WayneD on July 01, 2013, 09:58:40 AM ---Any idea what the illegal apparatus was. Only thing I can think of is a castnet?

--- End quote ---
A very big net at Twin Bridges

Thanks for the info Fitz. Great to see that they are on the ball. It still amazes me that people will fish only a few paces away from a sign saying NO FISHING!

I did a little test thanks to google maps this morning. Doing a rough trace of the path I followed yesterday, trolling most of the time (Hobie Trawler coming through!) it looks like I did about 10.5k's for the morning!

Now that is by far and away the most peddling I've ever done in the yak! I'm not a fit bloke, and wasn't going fast, only have the standard fins on my mirage drive, legs are holding up pretty good today. Now, if you told me I was going to go out and do 5 hours of exercise, they wouldn't find your body...but fishing? You bet  :thumbsup

Still nothing on Dave who was last seen heading out to the middle of nowhere at a rapid rate of knots only to return hours later. I personally think he went to the kiosk for a cuppa..but he insists he was fishing..  :popcorn)

I never left billies bay, I think you mean Wayne or Steve.......Wayne was the one who came back though...Steve went MIA out in the horse paddock.


Lol, still getting used to the names :) Think it might have been Wayne, all I know was I wasn't keeping up!


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