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Wivenhoe ,this Sunday 6am

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Count me in. See you there  :youbeauty


The early start is to minimize the chance of the wind curtailing the fishing prematurely. Plus , it's been awhile since I have enjoyed a paddle on BigW first thing in the morning( remember when we you used to do that regularly?). Also it gives me the afternoon for family commitments.

Fitz, what do you reckon? You coming for a paddle on the lake? We could do the bridge to bridge next fortnight.



Yes Dave I remember the 6am starts in the freezing cold and the fog so thick you were flat out seeing the GPS let alone landmarks. That's why I want to launch at midday! Time to break out the uggies and big jumper...might see you there. It will give me a chance to give the Predator a proper paddle. Owned it for 6 months and only paddled it twice with the kids in it so never even fished out of it yet.

Will try and make it for a few hours. Will be great to finally meet some of you guys and get some Big W advice from the gurus. I'll be in the orange T120. 
Cheers, Beetle

No plans for Sunday see you there Dave, 7.00 AM more likely for me.


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