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Braid to leader knot

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What knot do you use for braid to leader (either mono or fluorocarbon?)

For a long time I used inverted Albright knots & been thinking of giving this one a try for a bit. Small | Large

How many have tried it or have been using it?

That will give me something to do on night shift tonight.
Looks great.

That looks like an FG knot - the only difference I do is to tie more alternating half hitches at the end of the knot. I have found trying to tie that knot freehand in the lighter line classes (10lbs braid to 8lbs fluoro) really quite difficult as the leader tag is softer than say 80lbs like in the clip. I ended up buying a knot tying tool to help hold everything taught and it makes it much easier to complete the knot. One thing in this video which I think makes a huge difference is cinching down the knot every 6 or so wraps as you go, most other clips just do it at the end. I am yet to see a clip of this knot being tied in the really light line classes like we use for bream/bass etc. In these lighter classes I have found that a slim beauty knot has just as small a profile and is probably a bit easier to tie while bobbing around on the water. That being said, I sit at home a couple of nights a week in front of the TV practicing this (and other) knots.

Sounds like it stands the tests okay but I would be concerned that I might contaminate the single strand of leader. 

Whether it be with oils of my skin, inbox off handling my reel whatever and I only have wraps on a single strand to hold a fish.

I like to have the leader bent back along its self then wrap up and back.  Tested in time that one.  Yes that one of Earls that's the one.


I noticed a Diawa add on YouTube about a Daiwa Sokkou Knot tool and ordered one from local supplier, have tried it at home on a few different size leaders to braids and it looks ok, it seems to stand the heavy stretch test and the knot is small enough to easily slide through my eyelets, I'm not sure of the name of the knot or if it will tie other types but I think it will make life easy for me with poor eye sight, Would be interested if any one has used it for other knots,
Regards, Bluey55.


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