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Braid to leader knot

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Used to tie the Albright  then changer over to the slim beauty, slightly trickier to master at first  but easy enough when the wing is blowing

I like the Slim Beauty for most applications with heavy leaders.  I've found some new twisted leaders that seem to really work well for me, very similar to the old Knotted Dogs.  They haven't been released yet but they'll be available rom about 10lb to 150lb I think.   No more knots, just a smooth wind on from a bimini twist.

I have tried to tie 30Lb Leader to 8LB Nanofil using the sokkou tying tool but the braid keeps pulling through so I tried wrapping the braid 3 times then twist both braid & leader as per instructions and it locks in fine, for both line & leader of similar dimensions the tool works perfectly, Will try to Attach photo, hope this is helpful to any one using it. Had a check through knot books and it looks like it is a Seaguar Knot, for those worried about dropping it into the water it has a hole at the top of the handle that you could put a key ring and bubble float on.


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