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The Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 Review


Please Note I am a sponsored by Ocean Kayak

Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11

Designed and made in NZ by Ocean Kayak, Distributed in Australia by BLA

Kayak Length : 3.6 M
Kayak Width : .74 M
Kayak Weight : 23 KG
Kayak Capacity : 150 KG
Material : Polyethylene construction

Colours Available : Camo, Oceans, Purple Mist, Flame

Recommended Retail Price : $999

Colour of the Kayak reviewed: Camo

Paddle used : Carlisle Polar Paddle 2.15 with Smart Shaft.

Std Inclusions
Comfort Seat, 2 x Rear Flush Mounted Rod Holders,Moulded Cup drink holder,  Paddle holder(both sides), 4 x moulded carry handles, Replaceable Wear Strip underneath the hull, Moulded in Serial Number, Bucket Hatch, 2 x Flush Mounted Gunwale Rod Holders, Moulded In Screw Inserts for fitting of accessories, Bungee for storage of Equipment on forward deck, large rear tank well with bungee, Transducer Scupper(separate),  Mounting plate with screw inserts for Scotty/Cannon Rod Holder.

Optional Extras
C-Tug Trolley, Cannon Rodholder,  Kayaker's Safety Light/Flag, Anchor Running Rig, Drift Shute, Fish Finder Kit, Front Oval Hatch kit.

Stable - making it a great fishing platform, Tracks reasonable well - marginal glide, Dry Seating position, Very maneuverable, plenty of storage for gear, easy to load due to its light weight, Solid Carry Handles - makes for way easier loading with a positive grip on the kayak.

It lacks extra pad eyes for attaching pliers, scissors and the like, easily fixed though with the attachment of a few aftermarket pad eyes.

Ability to Customise
Customising is easy with the brass screw inserts added to certain areas on the kayak - there are dedicated attachment spots for a cannon/scotty rod holder, a seperate transducer scupper is built into the hull of the kayak to allow easy fitting of Fish finders from the Humminbird Range, an attachment spot for the anchor trolley. A safety flag or safety light can easily be attached in the desinated spot with a screw in thread moulded into the kayak.

The OK Scrambler has been on the market for some time, this model is an upgrade of the previous available Scrambler. This kayak could be used by all the family, it is light enough to handled by teenagers/children or even your wife but it is tough enough to be used as a full blown fishing kayak with all the features built into the kayak to allow it to be turned into a very capable fishing kayak suitable for rivers, estuary's, lakes and even coastal bays.

I will be using this kayak for all river/creek bass trips and estuary fishing. In the future I will be adding the front hatch kit, an anchor trolley and installing a Humminbird fishfinder.

After completing on my first fishing trip in it today I was most impressed. It is very easy to unload, takes a few minutes to get ready for a fish. The paddle pushes it along effortlessly. I never felt like falling of it and I felt safe and stable at all times. I am totally looking forward to the next time I fish from it. Once back at the take out point again it was very easy to load. I own a 4wd and it was so easy to lift it above my shoulders and put it on the roof racks, the solid lifting handles are perfectly balanced in the middle of the kayak making the lift even easier. I am certainly going to love this kayak for bass fishing into the future.



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Where's SpinnaB8 when you need him?

I'm here finally  ;D 
Thanks for the review Sel, it looks very nice.  Dale we will have to organise some time on the water in a sit in and sit on so I can have a play.   ;)


I'll be doing that this arvo actually.  Just yell out when you wanna do it.  We will invite Sel with the Scrambler as well.


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