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Tent bed I say


Well ...................

To start this off here was my camp at Wivenhoe.
I have used the tent bed minus the tarp several times now and find it so simple and comfortable.

A bit hard to gat dressed in though. Great for roadside stops and Oh so comfortable.
[Photo credited  to another respected member]

Looks good, better than my swag.
What brand & where'd you get it?

Warwick, "Downs heating" It is just called a "Tent Bed"

Suited more for the warmer weather I think, with fly mesh and zips front, back and both sides.
Basically just "drop and flop" which is what appealed to me . 2 second set up.
Most of those type of camp bed set ups require more setting up than a tent.
So this one in my opinion was a lot better than a swag even and much cheaper.
If I suspect rain then I just throw a hootchie over the top. Supposed to be pretty waterproof anyway.
It survived the Wivenhoe wind and is warm as a tent with the right sleeping bag.

Couldn't get any simpler.


She's an up market set up that one Pam, quick and easy too!

I bought a stretcher the other day for my swag, got sick of rain water run off running through my sleeping quarters.

Here's a shot of our camp at Lake Wuruma during the floods just before Christmas 2010. Didn't bother pitching a tent, it was too bloody wet.



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