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A special thanks from Somerset and Wivenhoe Fish Stocking Association Inc., to all who attended the Lake Wivenhoe Kayak and Canoe Convention.  Congratulations to the winners. 

The thanks must go to Garry and yourself Dale, plus the others that assisted. A fantastic event once again and hopefully many more to come.

thanks very much to Garry,Dale and everyone involved with the weekend

cheers Dave

Yes yet again a great weekend.

A huge Thanks to the effort of Fitz and Basser for running it again with back up from the Wivenhoe Fish Stocking group. A big thank you to Al from KFDU for the BBQ on both nights.

Its a big call but without a doubt I still reckon its the best Kayak Fishing event on the Calendar..

Looking forward to the next one just like everyone else....


Yep gotta agree Sel

Best dam show on the planet.

Thanks to Fitz and Dale(dont know bout all the hats but mate, thought mine were bad) and to al the supporters and sponsors.

See ya all again next year.


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