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Camping Trip to Fraser Island & Inskip Point July 2011


Warning!! This post & links included contain some graphic photos of a dingo eating a dolphin.

At the beginning of July I 2011went to Fraser Island for a camping & fishing trip with my neighbour (Woody), his Dad (who is 81) & one of my neighbours mates (Steve) who had never been to the island before.

I just wanted to do some fishing for tailor as I had seen most of the island during other times spent there.
Took some photos of the sinkhole near the barge landing area on the way over to Fraser.
On the beach just before 2 and away we went.
On the way along to the beach I saw something I doubt I will ever see again.
A lone dingo getting the biggest feed of its life!
It was eating a dolphin that had been washed ashore.

We all stopped to take some pictures & the left to look for a beach camping area further up the island.
Stopped to take a few pics of the Maheno the off we went.
We spotted an place which was the last beach camp area (Guruman) before Dundubara which had coin operated hot showers.
$1 gave you three minutes of hot water.

Set up camp the got gear organized for the next day >> 'Fishing for tailor off the beach on Fraser Island'.

I had my 14 foot 3 piece surf rod plus an eggbeater reel.
I had waders given to me recently which I packed in anticipation of catching lots of fish.
Used pilchards on gang hooks as bait.
Got ready about 10am.
There was a nice gutter out in front of where we were camped.
4 casts & 3 fish worth keeping.
This is great I thought.
Between us we got a decent feed for 3 of us as my neighbours mate had gone touring to check out the island.
I had never caught or eaten tailor before.
Eaten crumbed & cooked in hot oil.
Yum! Very tasty.

Got no pics of all the fish caught in raw form as my neighbours Dad (Jim) had cleaned them all before we got an opportunity.
Only pics of cooked & crumbed fish.
Next day only got 2 dart & that was all the fish we caught after that.
No more decent fish caught.
My neighbour (Woody) had a satellite TV setup in his poptop van.
Limited signal on Fraser only gave us ABC & SBS.

It was decided we had to go to Inskip Point to watch the State of Origin.
Saw what was left of the dolphin (not much) on the way to the barge.
After driving off the barge Woody got bogged in soft sand as the garbage truck had taken the hard packed area of track & was in the process of towing someone onto the barge.
Woody only realized at that point he had been driving around Fraser Island in two wheel drive towing the van as only rear wheels were spinning.
I had to make several attempts to tow him out.

Arrived at Inskip & set up camp.
Later in the day made a fire, had some beers + rum & watched QLD beat NSW for 6 in a row.
Didn't do much fishing at Inskip.

Woody needed to sharpen the axe to chop some firewood so out comes the angle grinder & just plugged it into the generator.
Job done.

Woody had cut up a gas bottle prior to the camping trip to make a contained fire.

Friday night some others turned up in a nearby camp area & lit a massive bonfire .
They made a lot of noise until about 4 am.
By lunchtime they were all gone.

Friday we went for a drive to check out the sinkhole closeup.
Took some pics then went back to the camp area.
Packed up on Saturday & made for home.

Link to all pictures taken >>


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