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True Tales of the Trout Cod

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Folks check out the wonderful historical information and short video presentations that has been compiled for this 'True Tales of teh Trout Cod project - re-enforces more than ever why we shouldn't be letting any more of Australia's great rivers succumb to ill planned development pressures

Hi Jim

I watched a few of them a while back, great listening to some of the history.

Thanks for sharing that Jim.  In the Ovens River history, Bert Carmody's brother married my father's sister, I knew him as uncle Bert, and Wally Mitchell was my mothers cousin.  Mum and Dad had a property at King Valley Valley, and Mum grew up in Edi at the junction of the King River and Boggy Creek.  Dads family had the Whorouly pub near the Ovens River for a while.

They would of seen the native fish in the good ol days then no doubt!

Dad and Mum's father would fish for Bream near the Edi cutting in the King River.  I had many trips to the top of the Buffalo, King, and Buckland rivers but all we caught were trout.


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