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Tilapia in the Mary River - bugger!


(Cross posted from Mary River Cod/ sooty grunter/saratoga thread)
Sad news today - confirmed large Tilapia taken from the Mary River near Tiaro.  There was a report of a dead Tilapia found in Yabba Creek a few years ago but this very large healthy adult is potentially the worst news I've heard for the Mary for a long time.  I reckon that we need to spread the word and find out if anyone else has picked up Tilapia in the Mary, and get some idea of the scope of the problem.  What's worse  this fish was photographed and returned to the river in ignorance.  Could all the good people on this forum who want to do a favour for the Mary make sure that they and all their friends know what these ferals look like, and if they catch one in the Mary River system (Qld), remove it from the river and report the incident to fisheries


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