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5 weeks fishing Qld


Hi guys......
New to this forum and this is my first post so I'll give a bit of my info. My names Mat and live In myrtleford (northeast vic), I'm a keen fisho and love all kind of fishing from fly to estuary or natives. I fish on my own and enjoy the odd tournament also. Here's my rigs of choice which seem to get me where I need.....

The reason for my post is I'm about to head off for 5 week of fishing North NSW and up the Queensland coast and I don't really have a clue on where I want to go. The only plans I kinda have is stopping at a bass lake for a couple of days (glenbawn maybe?) on my way up to Gladstone.... I'll stay with a mate there for a few days of fishing then after that I can go wherever. I'll camp a lot and would love some of your guys favourite must fish spots. Some free camping spots would be good also. I'll probably be close to the coast so estuary or good Barra lakes would be sweet. It will be June and I don't really have a clue what I should be targeting so any info on that would be great. Not having fished out of Victoria much I'm definitely a qdl newbie. Hopefully I'll be able to keep a running commentary of the trip on this post and if I'm in in your backyard I'd love some up to date local knowledge.  Thanks I advance.


You have to take the back road from Brisbane to Gladstone and visit Andrew Marshall at Bjelke Petersen Dam.  I'm originally from Wangaratta, so I know your stomping ground pretty well.  Because my father loaned a couple of boats to the people building Lake Buffalo we were allowed on it before the official opening.  I was one of the first people to ski there.  I also DJ'd at the Myrtleford Hotel n the early 80s.  I hope you have a great trip.

G'day Mat - Welcome aboard  :thumbsup

Bass lakes in SE Qld, Somerset is a must do. Just keeps producing good fish. Has great access & camping facilities (but it costs).

Barra lakes wise, you'll be hitting in them during their hiatus, but they're deifinately still catchable.

Away from the coast, you could follow the Inland Barra Track if you want to explore some of the more out of the way spots, most have free camping. You can download it at

Cheers guys thanks for the tips. AB, I'll put it in the list..... Small world. I spend many a lazy day out lake buffalo

SW, yeah Somerset came up in my research. I'm ridiculously keen to target bass this trip as I've never fished for them and I really wouldn't know the first thing about them. Any tips on targeting winter bass. Are they found by sounder schooled up deep or tight in trees or shore line. Any go to lures, plastics, blades, spinner baits.

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Hey guys. Thought I would put a bit of a trip report. I've just got home from 4 and a half week fishing and camping..... A few small hick ups but overall was a lot of fun.

We left Saturday morning and put in a big day to get to glenbawn. The weather sh!t when we got up so we may as well spend the day making a run for the border to lake moogerah for a bass. Awesome caravan park where you can camp next to the water and boat. I got 15 minutes of fishing in and then my etec oil light started going off. Long story short I had to spend a few days in Brisbane while the guys at Downes marine changed out the oil pump (couldn't recommend these guys enough. They were incredibly helpful)

After that we made a run for gladstone to visit a friend who was fishing he's local comp. (Boyne tannom hookup) we spent a couple of days chasing some flatties and blue salmon amongst other things, which we nailed a few

The boys hoped they may be able to get me on to a Barra at port elma. Some more flatties, salmon, cod and 1 nice salty Barra caught by Jason

After leaving the boys we heading in land to Cania dam and lake Victoria. I caught a couple of small bass at Cania. We then headed north to rocky and along the coast doing the touristy things (not much fishing) up to Airlie beach. We took the boat out amongst the yachts

We headed inland again to lake Proserpine and had morning fish before heading down to kinchant dam. I fished the evening and again in the morning and finally managed my first Barra

As I let the bride sleep in it was a bit of a struggle to net and take a pic but I made do.

Another stint at gladstone and out to Curtis island for a few days with our mates where we nailed a few more flatties

From there we were off to Fraser Island for 5 days. More camping and fishing. Nailed some salmon, long Tom and a stargazer

We left the island and headed to Somerset dam for a couple of nights and gotta good arvo fish in but didn't bother any.  We spent the last few days of the trip heading down the nsw coast and home. Well I've missed a heap but here's a few more photos

Slipper 1

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