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3.8 metre kayak.


So we got a new 3.8 metre kayak for christmas , it has 350 kg cap and very stable . The other day i was standing and sight casting on the edge of weed beds to practice balancing , can be set as 2 seater or 1 seat in middle . Very stable in swell and small waves , Will have to take her out to branch tree creek and go fishing in wivehoe next time , looking foward to landing some bass and perch .
cheers joseph.

So we cruised out to hamon cove just after lunch and started fishing just after 1pm . Got a nice size catfish on my heavy rod, at first I thought it was cod as it was stuck in weed beds down deep all I could feel was heavy weight online and thumping shacks, after a bit of manovering and lifting got him off bottom , it was pretty tense 5-10 kg rod bent right over before the big catty surfaced I netted it and kept in water to take a photo back at boat ramp , just having a BBQ now going out for bass after .
Cheers Joseph.

Looks like your set for some fishing trips now!
Just need to sort out some catfish repellant :)

Despite being maligned the forkies do fight hard.Think they would be more popular if they were not covered in slime. Does anyone know the purpose of the slime on forkies and eels.

A Marshall:
I believe it is just a protective coating, as they spend a fair bit of the time laying on the bottom in the mud.

Cheers Andrew


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