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Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T, my review.


Wilderness Systems Pamlico135T review.

I recently purchased a second hand Pamlico135T. The need arose as I was still keen to go yak fishing but wasnít prepared to burn wife credits on short trips. I needed a yak that could fit a 2 year old and a nearly 5 year old comfortably in. I didnít want a canoe so a 2-seater sit in fitted my needs.

Like all sit in yaks on the market, a bung for easy water removal from the cockpit is an essential aftermarket install.

The yak I purchased isnít the latest version of the Pamlico ( the new ones have knee pads on both seat positions and a newer model of Wilderness System seat.)
For my kiddie configuration, I have the front seat set as far forward as it will go.

It has notches that the seat locks into.

And my daughter sits on some cushions behind that front seat.

She gets a better view of the fish there anyway.

My seat at the stern unfortunately is fixed, unable to move forward, so the kayak runs a little bow high. It doesnít affect handling at all. The boat still tracks well and is easy to turn. Which was a surprise as these yaks come with rudder tubes at the ready.

Another cool feature is they can be used a single seater.

The front seat slides back but you have to remove the front foot pegs and reseat them on the next set of runners.

These yaks have a 230kgs+ weight capacity so it would great for that overnight trip where you need to take a lot of gear. The rear hatch is small and can barely fit a couple of tackle boxes. I also own a WS Pungo120 and have found that its kayak console fits the Pamlico too.

Brand spankers these babies go for $1500-$1600. On Gumtree they pop up on average 1 every 2-3 weeks and they usually go for between $500 and $800 with extras. I hope this helps other dads get their little ones out on the water too.


I like it mate. Thanks for sharing the info on this yak. I've been half considering a similar style yak to fit the girl in with me.  :youbeauty


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