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Title: Borumba Dam 29.10.2010
Post by: yakfly on November 01, 2010, 06:20:37 PM
Hit the road just before midday, with the Best of The Goon Show CD playing to take my mind off
the suicide jockeys on the Bruce Hwy.Arrived at the camping ground just after 1.30pm and had just
finished setting up the weekends accomodation and catching up with a couple of fellow Ewen Maddock
Stocking Group members when Eric (Lantana) arrived with a load of firewood and a big bottle of Stones,
in case I still felt cold.
We hit the water and headed straight across to a couple of bays to see if any toga were playing along the
edges.Wind direction and speed seems to be a big factor with regards to toga activity and it was hard to
find anywhere sheltered to fish but we persevered anyway.
Fellow stocking group member Graeme was out laying out redclaw pots and soon joined in the hunt.After a half
an hour of fruitless casting Graeme took off to try for a bass or yella back on the east side and we tried to
push up a narrow bay loaded with timber.As ever Eric the gentleman let me go first and I pedalled up to a large
log laying across the water about 20m from the end.
Third cast alongside some overhanging lantana was smashed but the hooks failed to hold and the fish disappeared.
Another 15 minutes resulted in nothing so we moved on down towards a weed bed closer to the wall.
The wind was starting to pick up even more and the surface was not suitable for poppers but we kept at it
and another hour later.the popper was hit again.It was only a half hearted hit, however and as before the fish
disappeared as quickly as it came on the scene.
With the the Saturday's session in mind we decided to call it a day and retired back to the ramp just before sunset.