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Title: 30.10.10 Qld Borumba Dam afternoon session
Post by: yakfly on November 01, 2010, 07:07:36 PM
After a bite to eat at lunch it was decided that an afternoon session was in order for the
members of the EMFMI who had made the trip up Borumba for the weekend.I was kindly invited
along on Sean's boat for the afternoon and we headed up to have a look further up the Kingham arm
before coming back to try the Borumba Ck arm before heading home.
Our starting point was where Eric (Lantana) and I had fished this morning and further west.As we were
in timber I opted to stick with the spin gear until we back in the open.We didnt see much action til I happened
to spot a splash on the opposite bank about 80m further up so we slowly worked our way across and up.
As I had not caught a toga Sean graciously gave me first shot with the fly rod and I preceded to drop the
dahlberg straight onto the head of small fish who appeared from nowhere in the middle of my fore cast.
We worked our way up into a small bay for no result before heading back down to the Borumba Arm
where Dave Bracey,Graeme and Lynn were working along the western side.
  As we worked our way along we came across a small gully and a small pod of small toga who proceeded to hit
Sean's lure repeatedly for a half a dozen casts or so before disappearing.A larger swirl further up the gully
signalled the presence of a larger fish and we moved in closer but had no success.The sun had now dropped below
the mountains so we headed back down to the ramp with our prospects looking good for Sunday.
Title: Re: 30.10.10 Qld Borumba Dam afternoon session
Post by: Bracey on November 02, 2010, 05:29:40 AM
How good did that bay and creek look Dave Saturday afternoon?

Noticing the wind blowing in there and water currents pushing into the back of those bays, heaps of bait and the presence of birds, I thought we would have got more Toga than we did. I also noticed the water temps at the backs of those bays was about 2 degrees higher than from when we made our way into the entrance of the Borumba Arm.

We saw many big tail swirls but more so away from the edges. Casting lures tight on the edges resulted them miss striking the lure as it immediately hit the water surface. I managed to miss about five good hits that afternoon and hooked up to one to only drop it a few seconds later due to me not reacting fast enough as it jumped several times in quick consession.

Awesome fun though, the anticipation with every cast you put in was great.