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Title: Install Humminbird Fishfinder - Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11
Post by: Nativeman on November 06, 2010, 11:46:39 AM
Hi Everyone

Here is my step by step instructions on how to install a Humminbird fishfinder on a Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11.

The Scrambler 11 is made in the factory with moldings that are designed to fit most of the Humminbird Fishfinder range. This is done by making a transducer scupper in the hull. This transducer scupper will accept perfectly all single/dual beam humminbird transducers with the addition of the optional extra Transducer boot kit. By following the instructions below you will see how easy it is to attach a humminbird fishfinder to your OK Kayak.

Materials Required

Humminbird Fishfinder
OK Power Cable - BLA Part no. 526208
OK Transducer Boot Kit BLA Part no. 526212
Zip Ties

Tools Required

File - rats tail

Time required

1 Hour

When you have all the parts to do this job it really is easy to do. First I installed the transducer.

The first picture shows the bottom of the kayaks hull where the transducer scupper is.

I took the transducer and the Transducer Boot Kit and assembled it. The kit comes with a rubber housing, a threaded rod a large covering washer and a wing nut. The wiring attached to the transducer is fed through the square hole in the transuder boot housing and then the transducer is pulled up tight to the housing. A rod then passes through the the bottom the the threaded rod into the transducer and it is held in tight, refer the third picture.

I then put the transducer cable through the transducer scupper and pushed the boot complete with transducer up into the scupper transducer. This is a very solid fit and locks in tight, refer fourth and fifth picture.

While applying slight pressure to the transducer cable on the top side of the kayak, to keep the boot in place, take the large washer and wing nut and attach it to the threaded rod on the top of the transducer scupper, screw it up snug. The transducer is now installed and it is now time to install the Humminbird head unit bracket in the console of the kayak,  refer picture six.

I placed the head unit bracket in its spot to make sure it would fit and decided I would not need to cut the threaded rod section as the head unit bracket fits neatly over it and the washer of the transducer scupper kit does not interfere with the sitting position of the head unit bracket, refer picture seven.

The transducer has a huge amount of cable attached to it as it can be used in a boat as well so I needed to get rid of the excess transducer cable. I decided to store the excess cable inside the hull of the kayak. The Head unit bracket has cut outs that can be broken or files away to neatly run the cables through thus making sure the cables are not damaged. I took a rats tail file and put in three slots for the cables to run through. One for the excess transducer cable running through into the hull, one for the return of the transducer cable plug for connection to the head unit bracket and one for the power plug for connection to the head unit bracket, refer picture eight and nine.

Now it was time to drill a hole in the hull to pass the cables through, I used a 20mm hole saw and cut a hole through the hull of the kayak, a larger hole is required as the plugs for the connections are much larger than the cable, refer picture ten.

Title: Re: Install Humminbird Fishfinder - Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11
Post by: Nativeman on November 06, 2010, 11:47:18 AM
I now loosely wound up the excess transducer cable after passing it through the hole into the kayak, using the ties that came in the packaging. I took this and zip tied it to the inside of the kayak hull on the post of the scupper transducer, refer picture one and two.

Next it was time to use the power cable, I like these power cable as its all done for you. It comes with a waterproof fuse holder which also holders a spare fuse on the positive cable and at each and of the cable there is the plugs you need to attach, one for the wiring to the head unit bracket for the Humminbird Fishfinder and the other end has two connections to attach to a battery, refer picture three.

In the humminbird fihfinder kit there is a cover plate that I use to keep the cables tidy. I attached this cover plate over the hole that I have drilled in the hull of the kayak making sure the cable fit snug into either of the square cut outs in the plate, refer picture, four and five.

Next I mount the Head unit bracket using the four screws supplied, making sure I first bring the cables and plugs through the bracket for the next step, refer picture six and seven.

Almost there, I then fit the mounting plate and transducer and power plugs to the head unit bracket ad screw it in snug, refer picture eight.

The battery is then placed inside the hatch and connected to the power cable, refer picture nine.

The Humminbird head unit is the placed on the head unit bracket and it works first time, refer picture ten.

Title: Re: Install Humminbird Fishfinder - Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11
Post by: Nativeman on November 06, 2010, 12:11:23 PM
All that is left to do now is to apply some silicone to the inside of the hull where the cables are running through behind where I screwed in the cover plate. I would also recommend to apply a touch of silicone to the spots where the screws came through to attach the cover plate and the head unit bracket.

When your Bird is not in use or you decide to go fishing without using the fish finder and you want to give the wiring inside the head unit a bit of protection I always use a small boot over the head unit bracket, this is an optional extra and for the small outlay it gives me peace of mind that the head unit connection is A1 condition every time I go to use it, refer picture one and two.