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Title: Carp Cull Sofala
Post by: greenfish on November 22, 2010, 07:39:00 AM
Thanks ever one for supporting and helping us ( as well as fishing ) out on Saturday it was a real success , for a small town like Sofala to get the amount of anglers that we did was fantastic , they removed 176lbs of carp from the river and along the way raised close onto $1200 for the purchase of native fish to go back into the river .
The winner of the "winner takes all raffle " was won by Steve Brgudac who also won the raffle ( Opals ) last year , Steve kept the gold nugget and donated all the other prizes back to be distributed to others present !
Winners on the day
Adult Male : Jack Smith 5.54KG
Adult Female : Sally Hanrahan 4.94KG

Adult Male 12/16 years Brandon Simmons 4.64kg
Female 12/16 years Jenny Fitzsimmons 2.75kg

Male under 12 years Zac Dudka 2.57kg
Female under 12 years Rhiannon Alderton 2.34kg

Largest fish caught on fly : Peter Hanrahan 3.91kg

Secret Weight : Rhiannon Alderton 2.32kg

First Fish weighed in : Corey Chapman .63 kg

Most fish weighed in male : Dean Fitzsimmons 5 fish
Most fish weighed in female : Jenny Fitzsimmons 5 fish .

Every child was a winner on the day as they all received a prize for participating and from all reports the day was enjoyed by all and was a great family get together !

Thanks to Brett Smith Fisheries Education Officer from I&I and Fishcare volunteers Russell , Charley and Peter , you blokes do amazing work with the kids and parents being so impressed with your easy, friendly way of teaching the kids about aspects of fishing , tackle , technique's and enviromental issue's , you are to be applauded , money spent employing education officers must be some of the best money spent EVER ! the Fishcare Volunteers who do it for the satisfaction of teaching and helping kids with no payment of all makes you blokes legends !
Dave and Eddie for teaching all those who wanted to learn to cast a fly thank you as well , you have started some very new and keen fly fishers !
Thank you to every one who supported us , it is greatly appreciated .

SOME OF THE BEST NEWS , CAS and the Sofala Branch have in the last two years now released around 80,000 trout in the Turon and Crudine River's , one angler signing on told us that the upper reaches of the Turon is full of trout with rises on all pools , they even caught around 40 trout in a weeks fishing ! Will be checking it out for myself as soon as I can , the high water level of the past months must have induced the trout to move up into the big holes close up to Great Dividing Range !!!!!!
Title: Re: Carp Cull Sofala
Post by: Editor on November 22, 2010, 01:46:29 PM
Congratulations to everyone involved for running such successful event.

Carp killed  :tick
Money raised for fish restocking  :tick
Kids got taken fishing  :tick

Well done & thankyou Ken for posting the information and results :youbeauty
Title: Re: Carp Cull Sofala
Post by: Binder on November 22, 2010, 06:46:41 PM
Great stuff.
Title: Re: Carp Cull Sofala
Post by: Sweetwater on November 22, 2010, 09:20:44 PM
Title: Re: Carp Cull Sofala
Post by: takrat on November 23, 2010, 10:41:58 AM
I love that sort of community based activity. Getting rid of pests like Carp from our water ways should be a high priority for anyone interested in the health of the river. There's no point restocking a sick river. Up on the Dumaresq between NSW and Qld the Carp used to be so thick you could nearly walk across the river on their backs. After some locals got busy it's great to see the Cod are coming back and are now eating up the Carp. Well done all concerned.