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Title: A day on Clarrie
Post by: takrat on December 02, 2010, 09:02:03 PM
As soon as the gate opened at Clarrie Hall we were straight to the launching ramp and out on the water. The sun was well up by that stage but we tried a few surface lures anyway to capitalise on the mirror calm conditions. Had a couple of follows but no hookups so began working our way around the edges of the lillies. The Bass here tend to school up a bit and even though the water temperature was around 24 they all seemd to be fairly deep. We fished a combination of blades and softies rigged with beetle spins with my mate John coming up with some odd looking combo's that he crafts up in his shed at home.
I managed to pull my first fish on a purple and red TT blade, a good one that went about 40cm and that picked the lure up on the drop. John had more than a few on the board by that time so I was playing catch up. At one point we had a double hook up which is always huge fun, but the really constant stuff happened on a bunch of lillies along a stretch of bank that we had drawn a blank on while travelling down the dam. The way back past his section resulted in four solid 40cm Bass that fought as hard as you can expect from a fish this size.
As the day wore on and the sun got hotter the bite tapered off. We still managed 20 Bass for the day all sent back to get bigger and fatter. Don't let anyone tell you that Clarrie doesn't produce fish. You just have to find the right combination of lure and location on the day. And persist too.