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Title: My new OK Scrambler 11
Post by: bushwacker on December 09, 2010, 08:17:45 PM
G'day all just thought i would share what limited use my new yak has had and a few pics to share of the new toy. So it seems it wasnt exactly the best few weeks with all the rain around to pick up my new scrambler 11 to give it a good run and fish but what i have done it ticks all the boxes and am extremely happy with it!

I have hit up a few creeks just before the rain and i think i may have stumbled onto a new honey hole for wild bass ranging from 20 to 40 cm that dont seem to have seen a lure before ! mind you the local carp population is enough to make one cringe the bass dont seem to be worried an awefull lot. Launching the Scrambler 11 at this one creek is very easy due to the new causeways the council have put in for bridge upgrades in the near future, a short paddle upstream out of casting distance of the bridge held some very fishy overhanging branches and semi submerged stumps that i proceeded to throw an atomic hards chubby thingo and first cast BANG ! The little bugger had me towed around the creek but i tell you what after pulling 4 fish off this little bank sure was a hell of allot of fun !

Continueing up further found a fallen tree across the creek putting 2 casts in seen the first one get hit then the second eaten by a small bass maybe 20cm nothing special but allways good fun in the new toy. Further still up the creek i came across large patches of weeds with carp sucking on them everywhere they make a bit of a thump when you run over them in the yak hehe  8) only had a few hits and seen a few bass follow after that but small showers of rain where passing over so decided to call it a day.

Returning to the bridge where i had launched only to find my younger brother got onto a few nice bass and an oddly misshapen one further downstream in a deep hole with a small inflow.

Just a bit of a show off of the new yak and hoping this rain isnt stopping everyone from having a fish  :thumbsup


Title: Re: My new OK Scrambler 11
Post by: Nativeman on December 10, 2010, 05:49:32 PM
Gday Steve

Glad to hear you are enjoying your new kayak, its an exciting step to buy that first yak to get into kayak fishing.. Looks like you are doing what I did and most of my kayaking friends have done, buy a kayak and sell the boat. The kayak will provide you with years of fishing adventures and most of the times it will get you to better places then a boat ever will.

I'm certainly enjoying the Scrambler 11, ..I reckon its just right for Bassin in creeks and rivers yet it is capable of a lot more if you want to go in to larger water ways...Like I said happy to hear you echo my thoughts.

Looks like some top fishing on your fish trip in it, well done... :youbeauty

Feel free to pm me the spot, I can keep secrets...

Title: Re: My new OK Scrambler 11
Post by: bushwacker on December 10, 2010, 05:58:06 PM
Haha yeah ok mate maybe one day we can get us a possy together and hit it up  :thumbsup Definatly has extreme potential took it over to maroon for a quick troll and scoot around after checking out the spillway at moogerah and its just simplky awesome  :youbeauty

Ill be in touch