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Title: Glen Lyon 12/12 to 17/12/10
Post by: rayke1938 on December 18, 2010, 05:34:21 AM
Got up early on Saturday morning to especially listen to Nuggett talking to Brian Dare and was a bit peeved when Nuggett cut him off short without giving out any real info.
Should have realized that the fishing was crook then .
 Up bright and early with Graham towing my boat and me towing the camper to arrive around 11 ish and quickly got the latest goss from Debby and set up camp.


Really surprised how high the water level was.


When we were there last year it was at least a 500 yard drive to the waters edge from the gate.
When we left this morning people were reversing their trailers through the gate to launch as there was not enough room to turn and launch. The water rose around 6 inches each day we were there.

The fishing was very slow with myself catching a donut and Graham 3 yellas and 2 cod.

This cod on a Tom Battatts gidgee.

This little yella attacked this Terry Marshall lure.


This little cod on live shrimp.


We tried a lot of spots for no results. Tried up into small inlets that had water inflows in the hope that the fish were up there looking for insects.


Plus all the trees




The only fish we could find in the trees were around the odd isolated tree.

Not as many feral goats around this year. They may have been culled or just spread out with the abundance of feed.


Lots of underwater hazards.



These ones were ok because its clearly visible but lots more just under the surface. Could not understand one mob watersking up in one of the bays that was full of logs etc.

Some general shots around the dam.







Think poor fishing could have been due to the low barometer even with it not compensated for the higher altitude it was still very low all the time.


One afternoon  when Graham came back from his shower he thought that his luck had changed as there was movement inside his tent but when he opened the flap there was a roo inside holding a packet of sliced bread in one hand and eating a slice in the other.

We tried hiding the bread under the lid of the fry-pan but they soon found that.

We also had to put our rubbish bin in the tray of the ute as otherwise the foxes and roos would spread it around everywhere.




Had a few storms come through. You really have to keep your eyes peeled as they come through very quickly




The dam was 2 feet below the spillway on Thursday afternoon but topped last night after another good storm that lasted most of Thursday night.


When we left on Friday morning we had to detour via Tenterfield as Pikes creek was up and full of logs and debris.

Title: Re: Glen Lyon 12/12 to 17/12/10
Post by: Nativeman on December 18, 2010, 11:45:33 AM

Great Pics..

Thanks for posting them up and keeping us up to date.


Title: Re: Glen Lyon 12/12 to 17/12/10
Post by: dinodadog on December 18, 2010, 03:32:27 PM
I left to come home a couple of hours before Ray and had to fight the rapids at Pike creek so I rang and let him know what was going on. I sawa landcruiser go across, so I said to my mate if he can do it a Rodeo surely can ;D It wasnt the swirling waters you had to watch out for, but the floating logs were the problem.

I joined Ray at Glenlyon on wed and managed a wed arvo session and a couple of quick sessions thurs before the storms chased us off the water. Missed out on a cod but managed 4 yellas, nothing big. Here is a few more pics, note the mates fingers in one of the pics, hard to get a good deckie ;D

Title: Re: Glen Lyon 12/12 to 17/12/10
Post by: bdowdy on December 18, 2010, 08:48:24 PM
sounds like you had a great time..glenlyon is my local..and 100 per cent yesterday..top stuff